For Sale Sold: Urban Arrow Family Cargo Bike - Edinburgh Festival of Cycling

For Sale Sold: Urban Arrow Family Cargo Bike

For Sale Sold: Urban Arrow Family Cargo Bike


The time has come to sell, our spare Urban Arrow Cargo Bike. At the time the bike was bought in September 2020, it was the highest specification available. These specs include: a Bosch Cargo Line motor, belt drive (for lower maintenance), Shimano Zee Disc Brakes, Lezyne Power E80 / Spanninga Plateo (front / rear lights), and 500Wh battery, with dual battery setup (please note: only one battery is included with the sale). Additional extras included in the sale are: floor mat, Box cover, rear rack, Bike parka, and security tracker.

At the time of writing the bike has been ridden for 3048 Km with a total operating time of 327 hrs (service report available). This is a low mileage bike in good condition.

The value of the bike when new was £6,500.

As standard, the bike can carry two children or one adult, if you are looking for a cargo bike for freight use the bench seat can be removed, as can the box.

The bike is also fitted with a GPS security tracker so that the owner can always know where the bike is. The new owner will be offered the opportunity to download the tracking app and take over the tracking of the bike (EdFoC will no longer track the bike once sold). Tracking is optional at €39.50 (~£35) per year.

If you have any question, it is best to contact us by email.

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