What Bloggers are Saying - Edinburgh Festival of Cycling

What Bloggers are Saying

Seen the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling mentioned somewhere online? Have you written about us anywhere? Let us know so we can share your thoughts with others! 🙂

What the Bloggers are saying in 2019:

SportsCover Direct: Cycling Festivals: 5 of The Best Multi-Day Events

What the Bloggers are saying in 2018:

A/DRIFT IN DK: Events Elsewhere (1): EdFoC

Contrary Life: A festival of cycling in Edinburgh

thewashingmachinepost: reasons to be gearful

NES Express: Get Ready for the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling

the tinberry travels: 10 Smaller Edinburgh Festivals That Are Well Worth Exploring

Vanupied City Guides: Every summer, for ten days, the International Cycling Festival is held in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Photo Walks Edinburgh Events – 2018

Eventful Stays About Edinburgh Festival of Cycling

What the Bloggers are saying in 2017:


Apidura: Bikepacking Calendar – 2017

Edinburgh Bicycle: UK Cycling Events Worth Doing in 2017

What the Bloggers are saying in 2016:

Triathlon Scotland: Fraser Cartmell: A Day In The Life

Helen Boden literary arts: Reading, Writing & Riding

The Next Challenge: Bikepacking and Bothies

Claire Cycles: Welcome to the Women’S Cycle Forum Scotland

Scottish Bike Touring: EdFoC here at last!

Decidz: What’s on in June

What The Dickins: It’s All About the Bike at Edinburgh Festival of Cycling

Edinburgh Bike Co-op: UK Cycling Events Worth Doing in 2016

CTC: Showcasing CTC Scotland

What the Bloggers Were Saying in 2015:

Ordnance Survey: 2015 British Cycling Festivals

Greener Scotland: Edinburgh Festival of Cycling

Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op: Cara’s Belles on Bikes ride report

CTC: Women on Wheels at the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling

Fiona Outdoors: 8 reasons to cycle the Capital Trail [Link removed due to the site being hacked]

Lee Craigie: 1st woman and 3rd placed overall in the Capital Trail. A 150 miles of mountain bike riding in 17 hours #hurtyfun #capitaltrail

Ordnance Survey: Bikepacking in Edinburgh

Ordnance Survey: 2015 British Cycling Festivals

CTC: CycleClips 29 May 2015

Claire Cycles: Edinburgh Loves A Good Festival

Unbound: 8 Great Bike Festivals For 2015

NHSxPress: Edinburgh Festival of Cycling (11-21 June)

SYHA: Edinburgh Festival of Cycling

Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland: Edinburgh Festival of Cycling puts bikepacking at the heart of this year’s festival

Fearless and Unique: Edinburgh Festival of Cycling 2015 has been launched

Sciennes Primary School blog: Sciennes Helps Launch Edinburgh Festival of Cycling 2015

StopNoWhere: Five of the UK’s Best Cycling Events

Fiona Outdoors: New multi-day cycle event: The Capital Trail (http://www.fionaoutdoors.co.uk/2015/03/new-multi-day-cycle-event-the-capital-trail.html warning this link may be now infected with malware)


What the bloggers had to say about the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling in 2014:

Freedom Cyclist: Edinburgh Festival of Cycling #edfoc

Julia’s 49 suns blog: Eine nächtliche Radtour durch East Lothian (in German) or A nightly ride through East Lothian (in English).

Spokes: Hot breakfast!

The Creative Space: Marco Pantani At The Edinburgh Festival Of Cycling

Spokes: Thanks for shopping – by bike!

Sheffield Cycle Chic: Edinburgh Festival of Cycling Family Day

DarkerSide’s cycling stuff: Bike-curious family workshop is great success

Play On Pedals: Play on Pedals at the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling – Women’s Cycle Forum

CyclingEurope.org: Local, Sustainable: The Growth Of Bike Culture In The UK

Tales of One City: Download free cycling magazines

The Tartan Bicycle Company: Football? What Football??

Eastside Cottages: What’s On in Edinburgh June 2014

NDL: Celebrate Le Tour with NDL’s Cycling Hotlist for 2014

Macs Adventure: What are you doing for Bike Week 2014?

thecycleservice: blog

Bright Futures: Have a wheely good weekend…


Edinburgh Festival of Cycling
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