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“One of the UK’s best cycling festivals”

The fifth Edinburgh Festival of Cycling will run from 8th to 18th June 2017.

Now that the forth Edinburgh Festival of Cycling (2016) is over, we need your feedback, tell us what you thought of #EdFoC2016 and you could win prizes worth over £250.

Here are a few things that people have said about The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling:

  • Probably the best cycling festival I’ve come across. Wish I could have participated in more
  • Really felt like there was a cycling “buzz” around the city, i only participated in a couple of things but i saw other people doing stuff, and heard a lot about it on social media. good stuff!
  • Really enjoyed the festival. Look forward to next year!

Edinburgh City of Festivals

Edinburgh prides itself on being the City of Festivals. There are festivals for The Arts (and their attendant Fringe), Books, Films, Science, and even Storytelling. Edinburgh also has ambitions to be a Cycling City. It was the first UK city to sign the Charter of Brussels and is currently committing 8% of the city’s transport budget to cycling. We feel this is a good time to hold an Edinburgh Festival of Cycling.

As a proper Edinburgh style festival, the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling runs for over a week (the first year for nine days, and from the second year onward for 10 days), it is a real showcase for all aspects of cycle culture and the City of Edinburgh. It aims to challenge peoples perceptions of what cycling is and to put Edinburgh on the international map as a cycling city.

Featuring a wide range of events: from rides (sporty and otherwise), to family activities, to a range of cultural events, the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling truly has something for everyone!. The festival was first run in 2013. In 2014 it offered over 80 individual events at 46 different venues, with around 5,000 people from around the world participating. In 2015, the festival got bigger and it had to extended so that we could fit in even more events. The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling has been listed as one of the UK’s best cycling festivals by The Guardian and Total Women’s Cycling 2016 (also 2015 and in 2014 too).

You can see more pictures from some of the Festival’s events over on our Flickr stream and you can add your own to the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling Flickr group

Cargo bike hire

We have an Urban Arrow family cargo bike which is a available for hire. The Urban Arrow is ideal way to move children or goods about the city, its fun, its green and clean. Find out more about hiring it here.

Supporters & Sponsors

The following organisations were supporters and sponsors of The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling 2016:

Principal Supporters 2016

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Gold Supporters 2016
Spokes Cycle Campaign Deliveroo logo Edinburgh Bike Co-op logo

Silver Supporters 2016
Cycle Law Scotland logo Cycling UK logo Allan McDougall logo

Bronze Supporters 2016
Bike Trax Edinburgh Logo jmp logo Hart's Cyclery logo
Laid Back Bikes logo Carbon Financial Partners Carbon Financial Partners Vantage Creative Logo

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Partner organisations 2016

Bike Week logo Transport Partner
Urban Arrow

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