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Ride to the Sun 2024

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Ride to the Sun 2024

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Ride to the Sun is an unsupported 100.5 mile (ca. 162 km) bike ride from Carlisle Castle (Bitts Park) to Cramond beach (Edinburgh), overnight, on the weekend nearest the summer solstice.

The idea is to arrive at 04.25 for sunrise at Cramond beach, and with entrants encouraged to set off at a time from Carlisle that makes that achievable. The Best Pizza and Kebab House in Moffat stays open to feed everyone at 43 miles (ca. 69 km) in, there’s a ‘cyclorave’ at the Crook Inn (DJ at a derelict pub in the Tweed Valley) at 62 miles (ca. 100 km) in, and there’s hot food and drink served up by Fresh Start volunteers at Cramond Kirk Hall until 06:00.

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Moffat chippy on Ride to the Sun
Stop at the Moffat chippy to fuel up before taking on Devil’s Beef Tub
Riding up the Devil's Beef Tub on Ride to the Sun
Riding up the Devil’s Beef Tub on Ride to the Sun

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