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Coffee First Book Tour Edinburgh

Coffee First Book Tour, Edinburgh. Jenny Graham's Pedal Powered Book Tour. The Image shows Text saying 124 days and 18,000 miles. One woman's solo lap of the planet by bike. To the right of the text is the cover of Jenny Graham's book "Coffee First, Then the World" with a picture of Jenny riding her bike.

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Coffee First Book Tour, Edinburgh

Jenny Graham’s Pedal Powered Book Tour

Edinburgh is excited to be hosting Guinness World Record holder Jenny Graham as part of her month-long pedal powered UK book tour #CoffeeFirst. Celebrating the publication of her debut book.

Over the 1200-mile journey from the south coast of England to her home turf in the highlands of Scotland. Jenny will be visiting 20 venues to share stories, ride bikes and sign books.

Jenny’s story:

One woman’s solo lap of the planet by bike. In 2018. Over the course of 18,000 miles, the Scottish cyclist smashed the round-the-world cycling record by nearly three weeks, finishing in 124 days and 11 hours. But her real achievement was a new relationship with herself and with the world. Alone and unsupported, Jenny left family and friends behind in Scotland to complete her mission: a solo lap of the planet by bike. Her inspiring story swerves from terrifying near collisions on the Russian roads and weather extremes in the Southern Hemisphere to the beauty of the Mongolian landscape and exhilarating wildlife encounters in North America. As she battles the physical and mental challenge to race against the clock. Jenny gradually opens up to the joy of the adventure itself and all its daily discoveries, and gives in to her impulse to connect with people. With infectious wit and honesty, Jenny recounts her friendships with strangers and the myriad different cultures she came across that gave her a new perspective on the world. By the time Jenny crosses the finish line at the Brandenburg Gate, she is a changed person, thanks to one humble bike, and the entire world. Jenny broke the record, but it was what she discovered about herself and the world around her that truly changed her.

Come and meet Jenny on her pedal-powered book tour, grab tickets to a talk, sign up for a #CoffeeFirst community ride. Find out which feat was truly more challenging: riding around the world or sitting still for long enough to write a book.

All the info about Jenny’s UK tour is over at

The #CoffeeFirst book tour is powered by Ride with GPS.

Tickets: General Admission £11.55, Talk and Book combo (10% discount) £27.80 Get tickets here

Coffee First Book Tour Edinburgh. Jenny Graham's Pedal Powered Book Tour. Image shows  Jenny standing in front of her bike with a Chinese road toll-gate in the background

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