EdFoC is on Mastodon - Edinburgh Festival of Cycling

EdFoC is on Mastodon

This website has now joined the fediverse with ActivityPub, to broadcast a wider audience. So if you are on Mastodon or any other federated platform, you can now follow us at @edfoc. However, please note that the software running this automated feed is new and maybe a bit buggy.

Something to note though, only new posts going forward will be available in the fediverse (i.e. after this one) and anyone who follows this site, will only see new posts we publish from that moment on. You will never see previously-published posts in your Home feed. This process is very similar to subscribing to a newsletter. If you subscribe to a newsletter, you will only receive future emails, but not the old archived ones.

Hope this is of interest to at least some people. It is possible that in the future, that as more platforms join the fediverse, (Meta, the owner of Instagram and Threads, is talking about it) you will be able to follow from those too.

Edinburgh Festival of Cycling