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World Bike Girl UK Tour

World Bike Girl UK Tour

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World Bike Girl UK Tour

Ishbel Holmes, AKA World Bike Girl, is cycling a UK wide speaking tour with her dog Maria, whom she rescued whilst cycling across Brazil last year. Edinburgh is her last stop on her UK tour.

Ishbel will be talking about her adventures of cycling the world solo, including crossing the Andes and pedalling 5000 metres high, cycling through the Pantanal Jungle, biking Che Guevara’s final footsteps, crossing a country with no money, the first street dog she rescued whilst cycling across Turkey, her one-woman protest in Bolivia that went viral and how she faces 20 years in prison if she returns to Iran for defending every women’s right to cycle in Iran.

Most of all Ishbel hopes to inspire people to take on all the little or big things they’ve been too scared to do in life.

Before cycling around the world, Ishbel (British, Iranian with a Scottish accent!) was racing internationally for Iran as a velodrome sprinter, she also spent years road and track racing around the UK. She has pedalled across 20 countries solo, rescues street dogs (and the odd cat!), is a principal campaigner for every woman’s right to cycle and inspires people all over the world to ride their bikes and enjoy the outdoors.

Ishbel’s book; Me, My Bike and a Street Dog Called Lucy, is currently on sale and is also being made into a film. Anna McNuff, author and adventurer, says of Ishbel’s book:

‘I’ve enjoyed following Ishbels travels over the years – she has such a wonderful way with storytelling. Down to earth, honest, funny – she mixes grit with unshakable optimism. Her passion to explore this precious planet under her own steam is infectious, and it’s a joy to be swept up in her world, and in her incredible journey. What I love most about this book, however, is that Ishbel doesn’t skim over the dark times. She shines a light on the many twists and turns one woman’s life can take, and how ultimately she has turned her own often raw and painful experiences into a force for good in the world. That is the greatest triumph of all, and I have no doubt that her story will inspire millions.’

Tickets: Adult £11, Concession £9 see below

World Bike Girl UK Tour

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