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Women’s Cycle Forum Scotland Pecha Caka

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Women’s Cycle Forum Scotland Pecha Caka

Want to practise your presenting skills in a safe space full of cake?

Women’s Cycle Forum Scotland are running their successful Pecha Caka event again! It enables women to exchange ideas and experiences, deliver presentations to a supportive crowd and enjoy some home baking! Using the ‘pecha kucha’ presentation style, the evening will be a series of short talks on a range of cycling topics, plus an opportunity to meet other women that cycle in Edinburgh and beyond. Come prepared with your 20 slides, unprepared but wanting to share, or just to listen and imagine what it would be like taking the stage.

We’ll be at the venue at 17.30 so you can practise or get some help in putting together your 6 minutes of fame. If you bake, please bring some cake to share!

Free event – but booking required to ensure we have cake for all Book Here.

If you have any questions, please contact Sally Hinchcliffe (sallyhinchcliffe@gmail.com).

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