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Tapestry on Two Wheels

Tapestry on Two Wheels

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Tapestry on Two Wheels

You might not be surprised to find a tapestry in a castle or country house, but how about in a theatre or a hospital?

Dovecot Studios is located in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town is the only operating tapestry studio in Scotland, and the tapestries produced by Dovecot weavers are peppered throughout public and private buildings in Edinburgh. Join Dovecot curator and keen cyclist Kate Grenyer for a rare chance to see these incredible works of art on a bicycle tour of tapestries located around the city.

On this tour, you will hear about the history of Dovecot tapestry studio, and understand how tapestry is woven into the fabric and history of Edinburgh. This is an opportunity to look behind the scenes, view some beautiful tapestries that are not usually publicly accessible, and get a bit of exercise in between!

You will need to bring your own bicycle and there will be some road cycling, with cycle paths used wherever possible. Please bring a water bottle and wear appropriate clothing.

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