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Ride to the Sun 2018

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Ride to the Sun 2018

Make Ride to the Sun your next cycling challenge. 100 miles through the night on lovely quiet roads from England across the border to Scotland. Follow in the footsteps of the Roman legions who trudged the long road from Luguvalium (Carlisle) to the old garrison camp of Caer Amon (Cramond). Sol Invictus was the Roman God of the unconquered sun and was the Roman legionnaires guide through war and battle and it is with that spirit that we ride through the night to arrive for sunrise on Cramond beach, tired but unconquered!

Ride to the Sun is an unsupported and overnight ride from Carlisle to Cramond beach, via Moffat (with chip shop stop!) and the Tweed Valley. It takes place on 18th June into 19th June and is free to enter. This is the 2nd year the event has run and in the first year it was huge success, far exceeding expectations, and had phenomenal feedback.

It’s not your average sportive, there are no goodie bags and no support. It’s just like minded folk getting together to do something different and for a bit of adventure.

The ride start from Bitts Park in Carlisle, riders can leave at any time that they want (most will leave between 20:00 – 22:00, but the organisers be there from 19:00 onwards), with the aim to get to Cramond beach for sunrise at 04:26.

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Copywrite Jenny Badger Routley
The welcoming sunrise at Cramond 2015, © Jenny Badger Routley

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