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Cycling Europe on a Bike Called Reggie

Cycling Europe on a Bike Called Reggie

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Cycling Europe on a Bike Called Reggie

Meet Andrew: teacher, writer and long-distance cyclist.

In 2010, accompanied by his faithful companion Reggie (his bike) but only a rudimentary plan, Andrew Sykes set off on a trans-continental cycling adventure that would take him along the route of the Via Francigena and the EuroVelo 5 all the way from his home in southern England to Brindisi in the south of Italy.

Three years later, Andrew was back on his bicycle as he set off along the route of the EuroVelo 8, from the southern tip of Greece to the Atlantic coast of Portugal as our would-be adventurer perspired his way through a hot and sticky mix of Mediterranean landscapes, life and culture.

With these two European cycling adventures under his belt, Andrew was ready for a new challenge so, in 2015, he set off on his most daring trip yet: a journey from Tarifa in Spain to Nordkapp in Norway – from Europe’s geographical south to its northernmost point.

Join the duo as they take on an epic journey across nearly 8000 km of Europe, through mountains, valleys, forests and the open road, proving that no matter where you’re headed, life on two wheels is full of surprises.

Andrew Sykes is the author of three travelogues:

Travel writing (with a bike) at its very best.”
Brian Palmer, the washing machine post

It came as a surprise to me that there is an author who can be compared to Tim Moore for both quality and quantity of output, as until recently I had never heard of him or seen his work.”
Richard Peploe,

Copies of Andrew’s books will be available for sale at the venue.

Tickets: Adult £11, Concession £9 see below

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