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EdFoC Mini: We are back!

EdFoC Mini: We are back!

The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling 2022 is back, but not with the full 10-day festival, this will be a jam packed weekend of events to get EdFoC started again. The EdFoC Mini will take place over the weekend of 16th and 17th July 2022.

Due to the global pandemic, we have been unable to run the internationally recognised traditional 10-day festival Edinburgh Festival of Cycling. Getting the full 10-day festival up and running takes six months of planning and hard work, given the uncertainty around COVID-19, we have decided this year just to run smaller pop-up events to get things going again. We are planning to bring back the full 10-day Edinburgh Festival of Cycling in 2023.

If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch.

Edinburgh Festival of Cycling 2022

Due to the current rapidly changing situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, it is very hard to plan a full ten-day festival of the sort we used to run before the pandemic started. Currently, we are looking at mainly running a series of pop-up events, mainly outdoors, and just publishing them on the calendar on our website. If you would like to add a pop-up event to our calendar, please let us know.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us over the years, and we hope to be able to resume the full Edinburgh Festival of Cycling in its traditional format as soon as possible.

We will update this website once we have further information.

Cargo bike f̶o̶r̶ ̶s̶a̶l̶e̶ Sold

For Sale Sold: Urban Arrow Family Cargo Bike

The bike is now sold.

The time has come to sell, our almost-two-year-old Urban Arrow Cargo Bike (note that the branding will be removed before the handover when the bike is sold). At the time the bike was bought in 2019 it was the highest specification available, it has a CX Bosch motor with a 500 W Hour battery, making it easy to climb the hills of Edinburgh.

As standard, the bike can carry two children or one adult, if you are looking for a cargo bike for freight use the bench seat can be removed, as can the box.

The bike has covered just under 4000 Km and the battery has had under 70 full charge cycles at the time of writing. The bike is also fitted with a GPS security tracker so that the owner can always know where the bike is. The new owner will be offered the opportunity to download the tracking app and take over the tracking of the bike (EdFoC will no longer track the bike once sold). Tracking is free for the first year and €39.50 per year thereafter.

If you have any question, it is best to contact us by email.

Edinburgh Bike Shops

Edinburgh Bike Shops

With the current ongoing Covid-19 crisis people are looking to the bicycle as a means of transport and for exercise, so we thought it would be useful to have a map of all the bike shops in Edinburgh some information about whether they are open during the crisis. Whilst we have don’t our best to ensure that this information is correct, we can not guarantee it is full up to date. Therefore, it is best to check with the individual bike shop that they are open before setting off to visit them.

If you do find any errors or omissions please let us know.

This year’s cover

The cover to this year’s Edinburgh Festival of Cycling programme is a special commissioned Linocut from Emma Jones of Wee Blue Press.

The brief we gave Emma was ‘animals on bikes’ and after lots of discussion and very hard thinking(!) it became the hare and the tortoise was a theme that worked with the Edinburgh Festival of cycling’s ethos of cycling for everyone. Then the final image was carved into lino, hand printed and scanned digitally so that we could use it for the cover of the printed programme and poster.

One of the early sketches of the hare
One of the early sketches
Another early sketch for this year's cover
Another early sketch for this year’s cover
Early cover mock up
Early mock up of the cover
The first print of the lino cut
The first print of the lino cut ready to scan

When it came to the layout of the final cover image, it was decided to flip the image over digitally to be able to add text to the right of the cover.

The 2019 Edinburgh Festival of Cycling Programme cover
The 2019 Edinburgh Festival of Cycling Programme cover

As the cover has been so popular we have decided to make the cover image available as a series of limited edition prints (as each print will be hand finished they will all be unique) and t-shirts. These will be printed from the original Linocut, so the image will be the un-flipped. These limited edition prints are priced at £45 plus £3 P&P and the t-shirts at £25 P&P

Order prints here, we hope to have t-shirts soon, contact us for more details.

Here is a wee bit more about the production process, note that it takes around five days to dry the inked paper enough to watercolour for the final finish.

Carving the Lino cut
First carve the Lino cut
Test on paper - roll ink onto the block and print on cheap paper
Roll ink onto the block and print on cheap paper to test
Test on paper - roll ink onto the block and print on cheap paper
Test on paper – roll ink onto the block and print on cheap paper
Outline print ready for hand colour finishing
Outline print ready for watercolour finishing.

Introducing Haymarket Hub our Accommodation Partner for 2019

Introducing Haymarket Hub our Accommodation Partner for 2019

The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling has teamed up with the Haymarket Hub hotel to offer festival attendees a discounted booking rate of 15% off their accommodation.

Edinburgh Festival of Cycling - Haymarket Hub Official accommodation partner 2019

June is an extremely busy time of year for Edinburgh as a variety of events are also taking place across the city which does mean hotel prices rise. In respect of this we have teamed up with the Haymarket Hub as an accommodation partner to offer attendees a discounted booking rate.

Haymarket Hub 15% discount banner

The Haymarket Hub is a cyclist-friendly hotel conveniently located in the heart of the city and on the direct line from London’s Kings Cross and a short 30-minute tram ride from Edinburgh airport. The hotel is a perfect place to relax after a long day of cycling and sightseeing. Each room provides free Wi-Fi, Sky TV, a complimentary personal smartphone which provides free data, free UK and international phone calls as well as city news, events and maps. Power showers and indulgent toiletries are provided enabling you to fully revive and recharge, ready for an evening out in Edinburgh city. Your bikes can be stored at the hotels bike rack which is located at the rear of the building.

Don’t Miss Out!

Use the instructions below to redeem your 15% discount

Edinburgh Festival of Cycling - CODE INSTRUCTIONS

Please Note: This Discount Is Subject To Availability

Winner of Writing and Reading Competition 2018 announced

Our Writing and Reading Competition took place again this year, following the success of last year’s.

They put out an open call for all writing cyclists and cycling writers to send them their short fiction and poetry about cycling and the bicycle. They were looking for original and well-crafted pieces that will help to communicate enthusiasm for cycling in all its forms, at any age.

Marco Colombo was chosen as the winner of this year’s competition for his short story One-Hundred-and-Two. He will receive a prize package from the Rare Bird Books Club, consisting of:

  • A six-month subscription to the Rare Bird Books Club
  • Moleskin notebook and pen
  • Writer’s toolbox creative game set
  • Stephen King’s On Writing memoir (book)
  • Reading Like a Writer (book)

Saul F Boyle was also given an honourable mention as the youngest entrant for their poem ‘Glentress’.

EdFoC visitor survey volunteers needed

As you know the annually Edinburgh Festival of Cycling (EdFoC) is an exciting festival from the 7th to 24th June 2018, which aims to celebrate all facets of cycling culture in and around Edinburgh.

In order to evaluate the visitor experience and satisfaction with the festival’s events, as well as the participant’s cycling attitudes, motivations, habits and the perceived local barriers to cycling we are currently looking for motivated volunteers to help us conduct visitor surveys at festival venues and events.

The survey will focus on:

  • The event attendance, visitor experience and satisfaction
  • The knowledge / practical skills related to cycling gained through the EdFoC
  • The participant’s attitudes, habits, motivators and barriers to cycling (in Edinburgh)

Volunteers can gain:

  • Practical research skills conducting on-site surveys
  • Greater understanding of event management, visitor expectation and satisfaction
  • An insight into the public opinion regarding Edinburgh’s challenges and potential to
    become a sustainable cycle-friendly city
  • Reference letter stating the active participation conducting the onsite surveys
  • Free entery to the events where the survey is being carried out

Please contact the EdFoC team to let us know, which of the days during the festival you would like to be part of the visitor survey team!

Cornelia Moarcas
Edinburgh Festival of Cycling
+49 (0) 1629092556

The survey is also an integrated part of the MSc thesis:
Social impact assessment of the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling, regarding the bottom-up implementation of the City of Edinburgh Council’s active travel goals, Edinburgh, Scotland

Background of the research:
Edinburgh aspires to become a cycling city! In 2009 the Council of Edinburgh signed as Uk’s
first city the Charter of Brussel, setting the target to achieve 15% bicycle modal share and reduce bicycle
road fatalities by 50% by the year 2020. In this context, the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling (EdFoC) plays an important proactive role to motivate, inspire and encourage people to cycle more, in order to achieve a healthier, safer, cleaner and happier urban environment! Come help us to assess and demonstrate the EdFoC social impact and bottom-up implementation of Edinburgh’s sustainable active travel goals (Charter of Brussel). Furthermore, we would like to help the City of Edinburgh achieve a more cycle-friendly street design, by analysing the participant’s cycling attitudes, motivations and habits as well as the perceived local barriers to cycling.

EdFoC programmes in the wild

The distribution of printed programmes for this year’s Edinburgh Festival of Cycling Events has now started, to help you find them we have created this handy map for you. As more programmes are distributed the map will update (although this might take a day or two), along with information on when and how many programmes were left at each location. If you would like to suggest a location where we should leave more programmes for people to pick up or would like to offer to help with the distribution, please get in touch.

Edinburgh Festival of Cycling