EdFoC visitor survey volunteers needed - Edinburgh Festival of Cycling

EdFoC visitor survey volunteers needed

As you know the annually Edinburgh Festival of Cycling (EdFoC) is an exciting festival from the 7th to 24th June 2018, which aims to celebrate all facets of cycling culture in and around Edinburgh.

In order to evaluate the visitor experience and satisfaction with the festival’s events, as well as the participant’s cycling attitudes, motivations, habits and the perceived local barriers to cycling we are currently looking for motivated volunteers to help us conduct visitor surveys at festival venues and events.

The survey will focus on:

  • The event attendance, visitor experience and satisfaction
  • The knowledge / practical skills related to cycling gained through the EdFoC
  • The participant’s attitudes, habits, motivators and barriers to cycling (in Edinburgh)

Volunteers can gain:

  • Practical research skills conducting on-site surveys
  • Greater understanding of event management, visitor expectation and satisfaction
  • An insight into the public opinion regarding Edinburgh’s challenges and potential to
    become a sustainable cycle-friendly city
  • Reference letter stating the active participation conducting the onsite surveys
  • Free entery to the events where the survey is being carried out

Please contact the EdFoC team to let us know, which of the days during the festival you would like to be part of the visitor survey team!

Cornelia Moarcas
Edinburgh Festival of Cycling
+49 (0) 1629092556

The survey is also an integrated part of the MSc thesis:
Social impact assessment of the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling, regarding the bottom-up implementation of the City of Edinburgh Council’s active travel goals, Edinburgh, Scotland

Background of the research:
Edinburgh aspires to become a cycling city! In 2009 the Council of Edinburgh signed as Uk’s
first city the Charter of Brussel, setting the target to achieve 15% bicycle modal share and reduce bicycle
road fatalities by 50% by the year 2020. In this context, the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling (EdFoC) plays an important proactive role to motivate, inspire and encourage people to cycle more, in order to achieve a healthier, safer, cleaner and happier urban environment! Come help us to assess and demonstrate the EdFoC social impact and bottom-up implementation of Edinburgh’s sustainable active travel goals (Charter of Brussel). Furthermore, we would like to help the City of Edinburgh achieve a more cycle-friendly street design, by analysing the participant’s cycling attitudes, motivations and habits as well as the perceived local barriers to cycling.

Edinburgh Festival of Cycling