Feedback from EdFoC 2016 - Edinburgh Festival of Cycling

Feedback from EdFoC 2016

Feedback from EdFoC 2016

We have finally gotten round to analysing the feedback from EdFoC 2016 and thought we’d share the highlights with you. A big thank you to all those who took the time to fill out the survey. We are pleased to see that you clearly liked the Festival, with 82% saying that it was Excellent or Very Good, 14% rating it Good and only 4% saying it was Poor.

Comments about the festival included:

“well done! Do it again!” and “Great fun for all!”

We’d just like to say a big thank you to all who gave us feedback.

So what did people think of the individual events? Here are a few of the comments:

An evening with Julian Sayerer

Excellent – “Much more varied than I was expecting, jumping from politics, to touring the world to courier work in London. Made it all the better and quite easily convinced me to buy his books on the spot”

Belles on Bikes & Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative Ride


Bike Curious Family Workshop

Very Good

Bikey tales of adventure – Jenny Tough

Excellent & Very Good – “I feel a lot of cycle-touring talks are usually a case of the converted preaching to the converted. As someone who has never been on a long trip, it was truly inspiring to hear someone talk about how easy it was to do with no previous experience.”
“Well done and the wee film was a nice touch”

Cycle Speed Dating

Excellent & Very Good – “I met some really nice people, the venue was good and well hosted”
“Nice relaxed environment”

Cycling and the Law – Cycle Law Scotland

Very Good – “Presentations and speakers great. Good content. Venue a little too squished” [sorry about that, was more popular than anticipated]
“Very interesting presentation, would have liked a bit more time for discussions at the end.”
“Good interesting programme, well presented.”

Essential Yoga for Cyclists: Union Yoga


King of Kaimes Hill Climb

Very Good – “Low key event with the correct amount of craziness to make it an attractive option”
“Great fun for all”

Ligfiets Zondag

Excellent – “Ideal opportunity to try a different form of cycling”

Meadowbank velodrome taster sessions

Excellent – “Completely amazing, weather ended up being perfect, phil [of ERC] got us up and running no problem. One of the most fun things I’ve done”

Mind is the ride with Jet McDonald

Excellent & Very Good – “Jet was an excellent choice by the festival programmers. More than anything, talks like this are very inspiring, especially if you had ever considered (ro dreamed about) similar experiences. Although it wasn’t a full house at all, there was a lot of engagement in the Q&A part, which shows how inspiring these events are.”

One pedal at a time – one woman’s journey to the top – Genevieve Whitson

Very Good – “Very interesting and show the dedication required outwith British Cycling envelope.”

Original Edinburgh Night Ride

Excellent & Very Good – “It gets better and better. Very well organised. A pleasure.”
“Cycling during a mild and still quite light June night with others on a mystery tour with pre-arranged stops and meals at a non-competitive pace is absolutely fab!”

Pantani – the accidental death of a cyclist [and other films at Balerno]

Excellent & Very Good – “Cinema ‘staff’ all very welcoming on arrival, free beer was a lovely gesture, audience were appreciative and civilised, all three films were excellent, it was a very enjoyable event, thank you!”
“Excellent programme and presentation and value”

Ride to the Sun

Excellent – “Fantastic atmosphere, well done to the organisers”

Spokes Bike Breakfast

Excellent & Very Good – “Great veggie breakfast and free maintenance”
“Well done to organisers of this one!”
“Free breakfast, chain cleaned, bike ID applied by police, and lots of other stalls! … What’s not to like? Apart from the dreich weather, but at least it wasn’t raining!”
“It was a nice event and opportunity to meet other people.”

Spokes public meeting on cycling and health

Excellent & Very Good – “Good format. But then it’s been tested often 🙂 ”
“Interesting content, but preaching to the converted? … Good to see event well attended … Good to see gender mix panel. (No all male panel)”

Very Beginners Bike Maintenance

Excellent – “I really enjoyed the bike maintenance class. Hannah [of Cycle Service] was enthusiastic and answered all questions as if they weren’t daft. I looking forward to getting stuck into maintaining my own bike now!”

Women’s learn then ride

Excellent – “I was somewhat skeptical about how useful this was going to be given I’d ridden bike in past (albeit a very long time ago) … however, [it has] been very useful in helping users think about balance, and good tips (and practice) on road procedure. Very encouraging for all participants, and helpful on getting us enthused, and importantly getting us linked into ‘Edinburgh Belles‘ and ‘the festival’.”

Womens Cycle Forum Scotland launch

Excellent & Very Good

Edinburgh Festival of Cycling